The problem

Xerxes was a noble warrior and an expert strategist; success in battle seemed to greet him everywhere he went. Starting out from Hammerfell, this Redguard laid down enemies, left and right, with his massive jewel-encrusted sword.

Yet Xerxes was not happy. The war was not going as well as he would have liked; things didn't always go smoothly. When Xerxes finally figured out the problem, it was an epiphany.

The problem was in the interaction between the fortresses and its support structure; the saw mills and farms that supplied the fortresses with food and structural elements. Xerxes saw that it wasn't enough just to hold the fortress, because when the surrounding farms and saw mills were in enemy hands, the fortress became vulnerable. The trade between them needed to flow smoothly.


Xerxes pondered how to solve this problem, but he had more pressing problems, as his fortress was currently under siege. Then fate intervened. During the heat of battle, a rock was catapulted from a nearby hill, and hit the outer wall of the fortress. It partially collapsed, hurling huge stones on top of Xerxes, who suffered two broken legs and a broken rib. He was carried from the rubble to the infirmary, where he faced a long recovery. He was not sure when he would return to battle, if ever.

Facing an uncertain future, Xerxes pondered how he got to be in this state. The support infrastructure for the fortress was weakened because the local mill had been taken over by the Aldmeri Dominion; this left the fortress vulnerable to enemy attack. Xerxes vowed to do something about the problem.

One last stand

Xerxes was fortunate in that he had earned some money as a boy. He would wait outside the Jarl's keep, bringing in giants' heads and bandit's weapons he captured. He saved the bounties he collected, and had saved a small fortune by the time of his injury.

With this money he created a trading guild, which he named the Daggerfall Trade Guild, which would be armed and accompanied by soldiers. It would keep the trade routes open so the fortresses could be supplied and defended. No more, Xerxes hoped, would lack of a support structure mean the downfall of a fortress.

After a year in operation, the Daggerfall Trade Guild earned Xerxes enough money to hire a mage and an alchemist to heal his battle injuries which had devastated him earlier.

So finally, more than two years after his injury, Xerxes returned to battle, a wiser and stronger warrior. He soon grew to be a powerful War Lord.

In 2 era 585, the Daggerfall Trade Guild expanded across the entire continent, and was renamed the Tamriel Trading Company. It saw rapid growth, and soon expanded across the land with a fleet of ships and caravans. Xerxes eventually died a very wealthy and respected man.

One company 3 eras

In 3 era 427 the Tamriel Trading Company brought prisoners into Morrowind for releasing or relocating. Only decades later the company made home in Cyrodiil, inside the Imperial city, and traded under the name Black Horse Couriers.

In the Fourth Era the Company moved to Skyrim and created a subsidiary company, the East Empire Company.

Pick a side

In Skyrim, the East Empire Company was being run by the Empire, but the Tamriel Trading Company was in charge of the operation under a different name , so it could supply both sides of the civil war without fear of retaliation from either side.